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Homoparentální rodiny svojí povahou narušují tradiční představy o rodičovství (gay otcové více než lesbické matky) a zároveň i koncept gay a lesbické identity (vnímané jako bezdětné). . Families in Society. leden 1994, roč. The Libertarian Case Against Gay Marriage . if the experience of the past 30 years means anything, quite the opposite is the case. By superimposing the legal and social constraints of heterosexual marriage on gay relationships, we will succeed only in de-eroticizing them. Legal fight over same-sex marriages enters new front.... building in Denver, Colorado, is the first at a regional U.S. appeals court since a Supreme Court ruling last June forced the federal government to extend benefits to same-sex married couples in states where gay marriage is legal. LGBT rights in the Czech Republic - Wikipedia, the...The Czech Republic is considered one of the most liberal Central European countries with regard to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights. In 2006 it legalized registered partnerships (registrované partnerství) for same-sex. Soccas2009-4.indbtury Great Britain and United States and argues that female marriages provid- ed model for more progressive forms of the legal marriage between men and women. Unlike homosexuality in the 20. 193–226 inSex Gender na PinterestuRhode Island and Delaware make it 11 States with Legal Gay Marriage and 37 States with Same-Sex Marriage Bans